Slimmer Premium Green Tea 100 gms x 5 packs


Stay fit and healthy by having Andrew Yule Slimmer Premium Green Tea. It is one of the Premium green tea produced by Yule Tea for weight loss and staying fit.

Yule Slimmer Premium Green Tea product pack contains 100 gms x 5 packs


Stay fit and healthy by having best slimming green tea, provided by Yule tea. Premium green tea for weight loss and staying fit.

Where getting to have a sip of tea is nothing short of a blessing, having a cup of the best Slimmer green tea is a marvellous experience yet to be defined. Andrew Yule Tea came up with Slimmer Premium Green Tea in a standy pack, a green tea that would not only refresh your mind but also keep you at your best of health. Manufactured in the foothills of mighty Himalayas, Slimmer Green Tea commits to your health while also making sure that you’re not deprived of the soothing sensation. A spoon of honey with Slimmer Teas can be your most appropriate drink to remove all your toxicity & keep you fit & energetic.

So what are you waiting for? Get fit by shopping for Slimming Premium Green Tea at Andrew Yule Tea

Things to know:

Known to be the best Slimmer Premium Green tea
Category: Green tea

Type: Green tea

Weight 500 g


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