Darjeeling : Roasted Tea 250 gms x 2 packs


MIM Darjeeling Roasted Tea 250 gms x 2 packs


A perfect paradox of excitement and tranquillity pretty much sums up Darjeeling Roasted Tea, produced in the heavenly bowels of Himalayas by the best tea manufacturers in Kolkata and beyond: Andrew Yule tea. Experience the finest sensation of Yule’s roasted tea of Darjeeling and become a true tea connoisseur of tea. This orange pekoe Darjeeling tea is produced, keeping in mind the taste and the happiness of the consumers, and being a product of MIM perfectly sums up the fact that this is the best Darjeeling roasted tea you can ever have. So, what are you waiting for?

Things to know:

  • Known to be the best Darjeeling Roasted tea

Category: Darjeeling tea

Type: Roasted tea



Weight 500 g


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